The People Who Suspend

This is not a documentary about suspension...

This is a film about the people who suspend.


About the Film


Over the course of a year, Lukas Larson traveled around the world, visiting 10 countries to meet, and suspend with practitioners from all different cultures and document the the broad spectrum of people in the world of suspension.  Why people do this, how they do this, and who they are.



This film was crowdfunded at the beginning of 2015 and is a one man project by Lukas Larson.


Visit the links to the crowdfunding pages to see the progression of this project.  The film is in post-production, and will be shipping and streaming soon.


Follow the film's fan page to stay current on the film's progress and film festival schedule.


DVD Copy


Collectors Packages

HD Digital Download of the film

Authored DVD of the film with loads of bonus content that couldn't be squeezed into 90 minutes. Film will be released early 2016.

A small collection of 30 of the finest photographs from the film will be printed and numbered 1-30.  All images purchased will be randomly selected prior to the film's release.  Any remaining prints will be available for purchase at an increased price of $15 after the release of the film and specific print selection will be available at that time.


If you order a complete set I'll ensure that each of the numbers on the prints match.  (example: Image #21of30 on every image)

$85 - Enthusiast Pack


Authored DVD with bonus content a personal message on sleeve of DVD written by  the film maker + 5 pack of numbered, limited edition (20 of each), 5x7 prints of some of the finest photography shot in the film


$150 - Collector Pack


All items from the Enthusiast Pack + Replica suspension hook with a personalized engraving thanking you for supporting the film (Collectors item - not intended or safe for usage.)


$500 - Producer Credit


All items from the Collector Pack + Listing in the credits as an executive producer

2015 The People Who Suspend